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The truth about fly fishing,…

The truth about fly fishing,…   Left to right: John Kirk, Chris Kilian, John Dillon, (way in the back that’s Len Kilian yelling at them to move to their left…), Rich Larkin, Scott Gee, and Lew Bowers.  Bill Tripp and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Winter bad weather options,…

  Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just too much to brave the elements in the Adirondacks for an extended outdoor experience.  Proper clothing that’s layered, and even a pack full of backup sometimes just won’t get it done.  So when … Continue reading

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  After I decided to do this, I began to realize, for the first time, how many opportunities for really cool adventures there are in the Adirondacks for you and your families.  And I also realized there was no way I’ll … Continue reading

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The First Entry

  Hello Folks,   It was my friend John Bolster whose excellent blog got me thinking about an idea I’d had for some time, but couldn’t seem to find a vehicle for getting out there to all of you!  That’s … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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