The falls really mad,...


After I decided to do this, I began to realize, for the first time, how many opportunities for really cool adventures there are in the Adirondacks for you and your families.  And I also realized there was no way I’ll ever cover them all here, so I guess this becomes a “Greatest Hits” list that I hope you can use as a guide to find the best experience for your visit .  One of the first thoughts I had was that most of the highlights I will suggest aren’t going to require very much money, which I’m sure is good news!


The winter choices in the Adirondacks are not as foreboding as you might think.  There are two Visitor Interpretive  Centers open to the public at no cost, with great programs, trails,and x-country skiing.  One is on the east side of the park in Newcomb , NY, and the other is on the west side in Paul Smith, NY.  Both have great lodge/natural museums, and terrific staff people to help you, most of those folks are friends of mine!  Here’s the link for info there  If you’re headed for either Visitor Center, grab your lunch in Warrensburg on the way up off Exit 23 off Rt. 87 at Oscar’s Smokehouse, they’re an Adirondack institution .  Don’t miss the “fumunda” cheese,… I know, just ask for it.  Take home some double smoked bacon, and fill your Lipitor Rx on the way home.  If you’re going to the Paul Smith’s VIC, take Exit 30 and go through Lake Placid and Saranac Lake on the way there.  I’ll put up a separate “virtual tour” of that drive alone, along with all the cool stops along the way.  Of course these are only viable choices in relatively good weather.  Next,….what to do when the snow flies, and flies, and flies,….  – Chris

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    What a photo…love it!

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