Adirondack eateries and watering holes,…


Rt. 28 the last weekend of September ’08


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Dickens summed up not only a Tale of Two Cities, but also eating and pubbing in the Adirondacks.  Let’s face it, one minute you’re eating some amazing pate, sipping on a glass of Cabernet you’d be willing to break into Ft. Knox to pay for, and the next you really don’t want to know what the meat is in this bowl of, well,…what ever it is.  There is no short answer here, the Adirondack Park is 6.75 million acres, bigger than some New England states, so we’re going to have to take this one in pieces.  Since the Spring events coming up will probably drive your decisions on where to go, let’s look at some of the towns, eateries, and watering holes near those events:


Thu, May 28, 2009 | 7:30 PM at: Shepards Park, Lake George

Join us for the free opening night kickoff to the 2009 Lake George Elvis Festival in Shepards Park along side beautiful Lake George 

That’s right folks, that’s my home town we’re talking about!  Where else can you see hundreds, if not thousands of Elvis impersonators wandering the streets of  the town in various states of disarray, shopping for T shirts that sport such witty phrases as “Your girlfriend wants me!”, or  hot pants saying “I’m a little Dear” with a brush painted Bambi across the transom.  Yes indeed folks, this event makes Coney Island look like Monaco.  But the entertainment value cannot be beat!!!!!  My advise,…go to SJ Garcia’s at 192 Canada St,( ask for a window table, order a Sangria for you , a Pepsi for the kids, some chips and salsa, and watch the surreal parade!  But dinner is the clincher!  Get up there Thursday night for the party at the Adirondack Pub and Brewery ( there’s a five dollar cover and it starts at 9 PM , free with your “Blue Suede” pass.  There are dinner specials, and it’s reasonable with good food and great beer.  Ca’mon ,…”It’s one for the money…”


June 27-28, 2009
French & Indian War Encampment at Fort Ticonderoga
Ticondaroga, NY
Call (518)595-2821 for more information (

Hundreds of reenactors from all over the world come and stage battles, portray 18th Century life, and create a mammoth encampment around the walls of Ft. Ticonderoga.  It’s truly a step back in time, and great for the kids!  It goes on all weekend, but check to see when they’re going to stage the major battle, that’s pretty amazing to watch.  Lunch is best at the Fort snack bar, believe it or not!!  All the food is cooked to order, and the view in the dining room is among the best on Lake Champlain.  At the end of the day head back on Rt. 9 to Bolton Landing to the elegant Sagamore Hotel on Lake George.  Go up to the gate and tell them you want to go to dinner at  Mister Brown’s Pub (, a much less pricey alternative to their flagship Trillium Restaurant.  Bridget and I went up for Valentine’s Weekend last year and had a great time!  Think about a nightcap at the Veranda, where Afternoon Tea is served Saturdays from 12:30 to 3:30, reservations required.  There’s also a Sushi and Raw Bar from 4:30 to 6:30 daily that time of year. (

This stuff should get you through to the 4th of July, I’ll address that separately real soon! – Chris

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3 Responses to Adirondack eateries and watering holes,…

  1. marci hall says:

    THANKS!! That was wonderful. Come and have lunch on me sometime!! Marci

  2. adkchrisshaw says:

    By gosh, Marci,…I’ll take you up on that! Your restaurant mixes the best the ‘Dacks have to offer, rich history, great food, and friendly service! Ft. Ticonderoga made 2 more slots in the “Best of Day Trips” entry that will come out just before the kids summer vacation!

  3. Ben Niese says:

    Chris, as we discussed just a bit ago; dont forget the quick and easy stops— Jack Toney’s for the $10 sub that feeds four…and…Picnic basket accoutrements from Oscar’s (Warrensburg). When you are rolling thru Indian Lake, dont forget to visit our friend Craig Hutchin’s Pig II Deli… about as ditch-the-pretensions-
    un-fancy as good home cooking/baking can get. You know I’ll keep my ear to the ground for more! :-)R

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