Ice Out!




Here you see a lake that just lost it’s covering of winter ice.  If you look at it like most folks, it’s no big deal, happens every year,…it’s inevitable.  Today I saw it in a whole new light, I saw it through the eyes of an 11 year old.


My son Silas was on fire,… this wasn’t an inevitable event that will be repeated  in the years to come,… this was limitless opportunity.  This was  a fresh start on a new year of sparring with the fish of his dreams.  This was the beginning of his “Championship Season”  He ran from one side of the shoreline road to the other, scanning the shallows for fish, checking his favorite spots for any signs of any activity.  He told stories of fish he and his brother had caught, lost, and hoped to catch there.  I knew, in that moment, he was bound to this place, this experience, these mountains.

kevin-chris-shaw-learn-to-fish Here’s a picture of his Dad when he was 11 or so, with his buddy Kevin Galloway  during their “Championship Season”.  That was a hell of a day, we were playing so far over our heads we should have had nosebleeds.  Every cast, every choice payed off.  Even when we did it all wrong that day, it turned out all right.  My dad laughed so hard he cried, and talked about that day for years.


There would be other great days on the water for Kev and I. Later in our outboards, exploring the islands on Lake George, catching bigger fish, doing the stuff of “bigger boys”,  I was convinced the “kid stuff” was just that.   In retrospect, they all pale in comparison to that first break out moment of realizing we could “hang with the big dogs”.

fireplace Kevin went on to be an Airline pilot, you’d have thought that after the 20+ years of flying I’ve done all over the world, I’d have drawn his ride at least once, but not yet.  But maybe one of these days he’ll come back to Lake George and we’ll hit that fishing spot one more time, who knows?


In the mean time, these two guys to the right are ready for that “moment”, and why not?  So here’s to all of our “Championship Seasons”, all those moments of triumph in our lives shared with friends and family!   Get out there guys,…it’s Ice Out.

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3 Responses to Ice Out!

  1. Robert says:

    That’s quite a string of fish, though a couple there in the middle look kind of juvenile.

    Ya know, when the ice just goes out, that’s a great time to take a dip. It could be an annual father-son-son thing. That inevitable warm and sunny early April morning, just as the new trout season kicks in, to belly flop into a brisk Adirondack lake, a kind of talk-to-the-fish ritual. Go for it guys, and let us know how it works out.

    Stuck in NYC

  2. chemman says:

    Our friend, Robert, makes a nice suggestion but should consider coming up to participate in his proposed “shrinkage fest”. Hope to see you soon, Rob.


    Upstate doesn’t suck

  3. midnightgardener says:

    This is a great post, Chris. Love how the circle turns back around for each generation and how we get to relive some of the golden moments through their experience. What a fun photo of little you.

    ANd I just LOVE that shot of the lake; the colors you capture are just amazing. No matter if Spring’s returning to the ocean or the garden or a mountain lake, it’s always breathtakingly beautiful, isn’t it?

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