Another season begins,…

davebattenkillAbove:  Here we see my buddy Dave seeking the Behemoth of the Battenkill.


With summer showing early, Tink, Silas, Dave and I headed over to the Battenkill to rub the rust off our fly fishing game on a gorgeous 80+ degree day on the last Sunday in April.  The trout had other things on their agenda than us however, as our fishing trip wound up being casting practice.


imgp0874 We even tried heading out into the briny deep during a spring break session in Florida the week before.  Tink, standing in front of me, was amazed at the lack of casting required in this type of endeavor, while his brother Silas to my left, (your right) was looking a little annoyed we couldn’t stay at the dock where 7′ tarpon were munching down the remains of the captain’s filleting efforts.  The seas were rough, about 15′ rollers, but my guys did fine, as opposed to those two guys seated at the rail who had tried to drain Ft. Lauderdale of all fermented beverages the night before, and then redefined “chumming” as we know it.  At one juncture Silas said to me, “So Dad,…this is what those guys do for fun????!??!?!”  From the mouths of babes,…



Scouting for bass

Scouting for bass

It always pays to scout out the water before fishing.  Here are Bridget and the boys doing just that in an airboat in the Everglades.  There were some scary big bass out there!  There were some critters out there that definitely won’t be found in the Adirondacks, (thank God).


An excellent example of that was captured on camera by Tink, below.




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4 Responses to Another season begins,…

  1. Kevin says:

    More great adventures – thanks for sharing !!

  2. Rich L says:

    Great Chris…this is what its all about.

  3. midnightgardener says:

    What a great gator shot – kudos to Tink (jeez, you got a whole staff providing blog fodder, eh?). Love his observation about the “chummers”.

  4. Jean Coloney says:

    What a great time you all are having! Can’t wait to hear about it when you come to school next year! Hopefully, will see you before then- maybe Altamont this year?

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