The Season begins,…

IMG_0466As I sit here in Blue Mountain Lake, after my first day back at the Adirondack Museum as an Artist-in-Residence, I’m astounded at how quickly it seems the time has passed since I was here last.  The Museum is even more impressive than when I was here back in the 90s, and the staff has an infective energy and freshness that makes it all feel new again!  (Mostly because it is,…a lot’s been added since “the old days”!)  If you haven’t been up here to see the museum in awhile, buckle up!  After I got through today, I drove up to Long Lake and caught this view of the peaks there just as the sun was going down above,…this one’s for you Greg.


IMG_0460 This is the new entrance, and the huge sail boat in the foyer acts as a herald of things to come as soon as you come inside.  There will be events and demonstrations all summer long up here, and occasionally I’ll wander around singing at unsuspecting tourists, and lying to the children.  They’ve stocked the pond with Rainbows and Brookies, and they have to frisk me at the door to make sure I’m not smuggling in a Popiel Pocket Fisherman to clean out their pond.  I haven’t been able to slip one by them yet, but there’s always tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, there’s a ton of school kids on the way for a tour and a few songs and stories!  If your school wants to come up and check this out put them in touch with me through the website at and we’ll see to it that it happens!


When you come up, carve out a little time to visit some of the nearby water falls.  Above is Bog River Falls in between Long Lake and Tupper Lake.  It’s a natural waterslide with a nice pool at the foot, and is a time honored, fun, hot weather tradition up here.  (If you can keep the kids out of it long enough, the fishing in the pool at the foot isn’t bad either.)

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