Notes on making the most of your Adirondack visit,…


Our first “Shaw Boys” fishing trip this year to the Adirondacks was a complete success!  The weather was less than perfect, but the experience was unparalleled.   When the weather finally cooperated, the boys were at it hot and heavy, as big  brother Tink adopted the role of mentor to Silas who proved a quick study.  After about ten minutes of stream-side tutelage, the river coughed up Silas’ first Rainbow !

Tink coaches Silas stream side,...

Tink coaches Silas stream side,...

The entire concept of fishing with kids has been addressed previously in this blog, but it bears repeating that it’s hard to beat this as an introduction, or reinforcement, for giving kids a quality outdoor experience.  You don’t have to go all the way into wading streams and rivers to fly fish like you see here, a simple Zebco push button reel, a bobber, and some worms do the trick quite nicely!

The boys reflect on the days events,...

The boys reflect on the days events,...

There are tons of campsites like the one pictured here scattered all across the Adirondacks.  The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation maintains 52 excellent campsites in both the Adirondacks and the Catskills.  For a modest rental fee, you can have your own “site” complete with tent site (sometime a tent platform), fireplace, and bathroom facilities.  Some feature boat rentals, and others even rent out cabins.  Check it out at


Using your campsite as a “base camp” opens up a myriad of possibilities for exploring the Adirondacks.  Here you see our buddy Andy Loffredo (far left), Tink, and Silas in the Great Meadow approaching the Adirondack Loj, a terrific facility maintained by the Adirondack Mountain Club.  The ADK Club is a great organization that does environmental advocacy, maintains trails, does educational programs, and offers camping and lodging in the heart of the high peaks.  Check them out at

Here’s a look at the Loj below,…

Adirondack Loj

Adirondack Loj

Sometimes, even though the outdoor life is exhilarating,the prospect of a hot breakfast cooked by somebody other than you, consumed in a non-black fly environment is pretty appealing.  If you’re in the High Peaks region, and looking for a breakfast option, give McKenzie’s Grill a try,…

McKenzie's GrillIt’s right on the main drag in Saranac Lake, in front of the Best Western, and it serves breakfast until noon for reasonable prices.  There’s a glass room in back that overlooks the pond you see here where blue heron, ducks, and the occasional big ‘ol bullfrog provide your dining entertainment!

Let me know what other things you’d like to see here!  Just click on “comment” below!  See you in the woods!

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2 Responses to Notes on making the most of your Adirondack visit,…

  1. Rick Robinson says:

    Absoultely beautiful Chris. Makes me a bit homesick. Can’t wait to see everything and everyone when I come up in two weeks.
    By the way, are you working for Nancy trying to convince me to move north?

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