Summer concert highlights,…

Chris & Bill

Bill Smith and I go back farther than either of us really want to admit.  Bill was singing Adirondack songs and telling whoppers before I ever came on the scene, and was kind, and supportive to me from the git go.   We both went on to be in the storytelling troupe “The Adirondack Liars Club”, founded by our dear friend, the late Vaughn Ward.  We’ve performed together at festivals, concerts, and special events all over the place  On a beautiful night in early August Bill and I, and Vaughn’s husband George got together to sing and lie our butts off for “Author’s Night” at Hoss’s Country Store in Long Lake, NY.  I’ve featured Hoss’s in this blog previously, but wanted to give you a taste of that special night when authors, musicians, and artists from the Adirondacks converge on Long Lake for the quintessential “Gathering of the Clan”!

Chris & George

George Ward is an amazing guy.  He’s a multi-instrumental performer of original and traditional songs, not only the Adirondacks, but also the Erie Canal.  As a matter of fact, I’d say George is the leading expert on Erie Canal songs, lore, and history.  He’s been a major figure in both the Caffe Lena and Old Songs for as long as I can remember, and a staple on the folk scene in upstate NY.  But most of all he’s fun to listen to, he has the ability to make you feel like you’re traveling in time as he performs, not like some slick guitar slinger, but as a guy that’s actually been there.  If you’re linking to this on Facebook, try to “friend” him, if you’re cruising the web go to

Bill 2

Bill Smith is the real deal.  Born and bred in the Adirondack foothills, he brings a lifetime of rich regional experience to every performance of the songs and stories of his native North Country.  The first time I saw him I almost fainted, as he so closely resembles my late Uncle Walt!  Who knows, maybe we’re related?  (People have often said the Adirondacks have a gene pool you can’t get your high top sneakers wet in,…)

All that aside, don’t miss the opportunity to see Bill in action.  His shows will have you falling off the chair with laughter,…and just maybe leave you with a bit of a tear in your eye at the same time.  Watch the master at work :

All in all, the summer shows were an absolute blast!  This summer is flying by at a lightspeed pace, but my shows for this season have come to a close.  These last couple of weeks will be spent with the family doing all the stuff folks do this time of year.  The boys and I just hit the river for a fly fishing blitz one last time for the season, an entry on that will follow soon right here on the blog.  Get out there and get wet, get hiking, get to the track, BBQ a beast, and laugh till you can’t stand up!

Next,… the fall shows

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  1. midnightgardener says:

    Boy, you sure make me miss being right there for Author’s Night every year. Thanks, buddy – glad to hear its still such a great time.

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