Midnight on the water,...

Midnight on the water,...

It seemed amazing tonight, I looked up at the moon rising, and I was swept back to my years as a teenager in Lake George.  Labor Day was the Great Divide,…the tourists left town in the blink of an eye.  Yesterday the streets teamed with people, and on this night, the newspapers blew down Main St., and the music from the jukebox at the Peppermint Lounge  echoed down through the penny arcades and the smell of carmelcorn and pizza wafted on the breeze. The sound of your own heels on the pavement rang in the advent of returning to school, and making some life changing decisions.  Imagine a kid from Lake George feeling a complete connection to a kid from Asbury Park, NJ,…right Kevin?

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Adirondack singer, songwriter, and storyteller
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  1. Kevin Galloway says:

    Yeah !! But you know, I think that was my favorite time of the year …. the weather was still nice, the lake was warm, the boats were still running, and the leaves were just starting to change colors. Football games at the schools – the girls all looked so good in their sweaters!

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