Fall in full swing,…

IMG_0882This is my favorite time of year,…(if only trout season went later into the fall!!!  Alas!)  After an early cold blast, and snow in the North Country, we’ve settled into a classic fall season in the foothills.  I remember this time of year up on Lake George when I was a boy.  As soon as school was out, I’d head for my Boston Whaler as fast as my bike would carry me!  Sometimes I’d link up with Kevin out on the lake somewhere, and we’d cruise around in the outboards.  The smell of woodsmoke hung over the water, curling up from the chimneys on shore, and the campfires of the hardy fall campers out on the islands.  Fall is really the best kept secret in the Adirondacks.  Almost everything is still open, on the weekends at least.  There are no bugs, and no crowds!

p344953-Lake_George_NY-Steel_PierHere’s the waterfront in Lake George where I grew up.  The scene you see here is pretty representative of what you can expect to see if you head up there soon.  Do yourself a favor and pack a picnic lunch, grab the fishing poles, and a couple of lawn chairs and set up on the “sea wall” on the Beach Road in town.  Get some minnows for bait, and a couple of big bobbers.  Bring your binoculars and camera, and a thermos full of good hot cocoa.  You can’t go wrong,…take my word for it!

NY45.JPGIf you go all the way back toward the Northway on the village streets, you’ll come to the trailhead for the Prospect Mountain trail.  There’s a cat walk that brings you over Rt. 87 and starts you on your way to the top!  It’s not a very difficult climb, and yields some pretty spectacular views, as you can see here.  This was my backyard as a kid, there was no Rt. 87 to cross, just a pine forest with a spongy forest floor that we used to think mimicked walking on the moon!  If you’re quiet, you may see deer or a host of other wildlife on the way up.  Make sure you carry water and some good trail food with you and make sure to dress properly.


If you want some guidance in that regard, I suggest you stop at the headquarters of the Adirondack Mountain Club on the Luzerne Rd. just south of town.  These folks protect the natural world that makes the Adirondacks the great experience it is, and membership can provide the information and camaraderie to really enhance your experience!  They’re great folks, ADK membership comes on my highest recommendation.

IMG_0901Meanwhile, back at the Shaw Ranch it’s soccer season!  Tink is the captain of the JV team, and Silas and his buddy Dan pictured here are banging and bouncing their way through their season of club level play.  I guess it doesn’t really matter how we get out there to enjoy the outdoors, but we’d all better take advantage of this glorious Fall while we can, for the season that’s approaching is going to require a whole other skill set for us to enjoy ourselves outdoors!

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1 Response to Fall in full swing,…

  1. Bill Rooney says:

    Love the pic of the boys. Handsome devils. Clueless, but handsome.

    Cheers, yourself, and thanks as always for your support.


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