Mountain Snow and Mistletoe is comin’…

We’re going to take a detour from the woods to something you wouldn’t want to miss,…Mountain Snow and Mistletoe our annual Christmas show, presented for the first time this year at The Egg, Albany’s crown jewel theater in the heart of downtown!  This is the 17th year that John Kirk and Brian Melick join Bridget and I for the show, and it’s nearly that many for our buddy Kevin McKrell!

John Kirk is a musician’s musician.  You name it, this guy can play it, and at a virtuoso level.  Add to that a stunning tenor voice, (and a pretty outstanding roll cast), and you get my buddy who’s fiddled, picked, and fished with me for a long, long time.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Women want him, fish fear him”!  John, and his lovely wife Trish, have played and danced their way into Adirondack hearts for years.

Every year John brings something fresh and exciting to the show, and some great jokes to the Green Room!  Check out John and Trish at!

Brian Melick is a humble man, and a humbling player.  His chops as a percussionist are second to none.  Some guys get out there and bang away, Brian elevates musical pieces with a sense of color and melody seldom heard in the world of percussion.  And he’s nuts.  That’s right,… the boy is nuts!  It’s bad enough when it’s just Brian and I, but there’s a unique insanity that comes to the fore when you add Kevin McKrell to the mix.  How these guys toured together for as long as they did and never wound up calling me up in the middle of the night to get them out of an asylum somewhere, or at the very least post bail, is beyond me.  Check Brian out at



Then there’s this man, Kevin McKrell.  A legend on the Celtic circuit, and a main stay of the greater Capital District music scene , Kevin has been enchanting audiences for decades.  The thing about getting on stage with Kevin McKrell is, you never know what’s going to happen.  No, I mean it, I get on stage with this guy and have no idea what’s going to happen next!!!?!?!?  You think I’m kidding,…check out THESE shots,…and check out Kevin at

Try to get up there and do a concert when the rest of the band dresses up like elves and doesn't tell you they're gonna do it. Go ahead, try it,...

I remember the year they said, "We've got something a little different,...don't worry Chris, you'll like it." "Can I see it in rehearsal?" "No,'s better as a surprize,..."

Surprize dosen't really cover it,...




















You don’t really watch Mountain Snow,…you have to kind of live it.  Ca’mon down and check it out, tickets at

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1 Response to Mountain Snow and Mistletoe is comin’…

  1. Denise, Aaron and Catherine says:

    Thank you for a wonderful evening filled w/ holiday spirit!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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