Oh boy,…it’s winter now!

It’s usually about this time that we look around and notice that there’s not much progress on this winter thing.  Now if there’s snow, and folks are frolicking on sleds, skis, and snowshoes it probably doesn’t seem too bad.  Otherwise it can seem pretty much like planting an acorn and waiting.  Down here in rural Rensselaer  County we had some snow, a thaw, a wicked cold snap, and a little more snow, but there’s a minimum of frolicking going on here.  One might say, “We’re freaking frolickingless here!”  (My advise is to say that slowly,…)  Soooooo,…

If it looks like this picture to the left, then maybe the “big picture” needs to give way to the here and now.   For instance I baked the boys a killer batch of Snickerdoodles yesterday afternoon.  I went up on All Recipes  ( http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Mrs-Siggs-Snickerdoodles/Detail.aspx) and I’ve gotta tell you, I have no idea who this Mrs. Siggs is, but she should have her cookie sheet bronzed!  The website is like a gigantic recipe swap.  If you’re in a rut with the dinner part of life, jump up there for a bit and wander around!  Food Network  (www.foodnetwork.com) has some cool choices as well, and this cool aplication for you to plug in what meal you want to make, (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), what ingredients you want to use, and which food network celebrity you want to make it with!  Fun!

Then there are guys like Tink, here to the right, who seem to have a good time carrying their Mom’s theme of “Light a Light” to the next level.  You don’t like the dark,…light it up!  You don’t want it to be February,..pretend it’s the 4th of July!  Heck, I may dress up in a serape, put on my sombrero and play “Malaguena”!!!!  I always have a good time on Cinco de Mayo, why not?

Or maybe I’ll call up Melick and go face down into the hot chocolate!  Yeah,…that’s the ticket!  You can have the most normal day of your life, and if you want to throw that train off the tracks, just call Melick.  He’ll come over and start clinking on the glassware, beating the furniture, and stompin’ on the floor, before you know it, you’ve got a freakin’ fiesta in the dining room!

We just have to have a little faith, because if we look hard enough we can see signs that the pendulum is swinging.  Albeit slowly, but swinging nonetheless.  Maybe if we just go from macro to micro, we can see that it’s not a real long way from the scene to the right, to the scene underneath!

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Adirondack singer, songwriter, and storyteller
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  1. Rich says:

    Very Nice.

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