Not quite there,… but getting closer

Lake George isn’t quite ready for the flip flop and bikini crowd yet, as is evidenced here.  Silas and I were up in Glens Falls watching the Lady Warriors of Averill Park beat the NYC champions for the State Championship, and decided to take a run up to the lake afterwards to see if it looked like “salmon time” yet.  Well,… unless they’re wearing long underwear, and carrying space heaters, I think the salmon aren’t quite ready.  Not at the lake anyway, but up in Warrensburg, it may be a different matter,…

Here’s the new and improved “Oscar’s Smokehouse”, and the smoked salmon here id definitely good to go! This place has emerged from the ashes of a devastating fire that completely destroyed the old building, to a bigger, better, version of this Adirondack classic!  I’d say the inside store area is at least 5 times the size of the original!

It also seems like they have a lot more products on display than they used to.  Silas and I “skated the compulsories”, buying extra thick  hickory smoked bacon, the store’s signature cheese, jerky, and some maple syrup.  Pass the word, Oscar’s is back, and they’re kickin’ pork butt again!

The lake was really rough with about a 30 to 40 knot wind blowing right in your face on the Beach Road as you looked up lake.  No boat traffic, no one fishing off the sand bar at the mouth of West Brook, as a matter of fact, there was no one in sight as Silas and I decided to take a little trip through the Ft. George Park, between Ft. William Henry and the Million Dollar Beach.

King Hendrick and Sir William Johnson statues stand in the park across from the statue of Father Issac Jougues, a Jesuit priest that discovered the lake in 1646.  It was Sir William and King Hendrick that gave the British the first significant victory in the French and Indian War right there on the grounds of what is today the park.  It would cost King Hendrick his life, and lodge a musketball in Sir William’s hip that would plague him for the rest of his days.  The earthen works of Ft. George itself, a fortress started by Lord Jeffery Amhearst when he came to avenge the massacre of Ft. William Henry a little over three years later, still stand today.  He will be remembered as the originator of biological warfare for sending smallpox infected blankets back to Canada with the French’s allies, the Abaniki.  It nearly wiped out all of the Abanaki nation, and French Canada as well.  Today the whole area is covered with picnic tables and is one of the nicest overlooked places at the Lake to have a family picnic.  The fishing in the little back water called Snug Harbor on the Eastern side is pretty good too, eh Kevin!!?!!?!?!?

There’s no doubt Silas and my trip to the lake was a little premature to optimally enjoy the outdoors, but with the ice out of the lake, and scenes like the one below, we’re not far off friends,… we’re not far off!

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1 Response to Not quite there,… but getting closer

  1. So glad to hear that Oscar’s has re-opened. My Dad told me about the fire and I was devastated but glad to know they were re-building. I used to worship their wheels of extra sharp cheddar cheese.

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