The Adirondack Folk School

There are very few times in life when we see something come to fruition that so many have said should happen, but no one seems to know where to start.  This obviously didn’t stop Jim Mandle and Sandy Sherman who have created the first school for Adirondack folk arts in Lake Luzerne, NY!  Above you see the building being renovated as the headquarters for a concept whose time has come!  Here’s an excerpt from their website at

The Adirondack Folk School is the only school of its kind in the country dedicated to teaching the arts, crafts and culture of this unique Adirondack region. Located in Lake Luzerne, we are situated in the southern Adirondack Park, a park of over six million acres of “forever wild” protected land. The beauty and natural abundance of this environment influenced the skilled artisans that created the pack basket, twig furniture, birch bark containers, the Adirondack chair, the guide boat and the Adirondack lean-to. These are the home furnishings, boats, and decor still found in cabins, lodges and homes today throughout the region which have helped create the unique “Adirondack Style”.  Today, our region hosts these and numerous other creative forms of expression.

The Adirondack Folk School teaches the joy of learning through hands-on experiences.  We’re a non-profit school made up of local artisans, crafts people and volunteers interested in promoting and teaching these skills in a non-competitive environment focused on the student.

Our instructors share their knowledge of crafts and trades and inspire you with their enthusiasm.  Our year-round classes range from half-day sessions to full week-long courses. We offer subjects as diverse as Adirondack chair building, twig and rustic furniture, caning, paddle making, birch bark and pine needle basketry, fly tying, snowshoeing, connecting people with nature, organic gardening, fiber arts, soap making, pottery, blacksmithing and more. During these classes you will explore your creativity through hands-on learning.

In addition to our hands-on courses, Adirondack storytellers and musicians share the culture of the Adirondacks through demonstrations, special programs and our fireside evening gatherings.

Come take a class, attend a special evening fireside program, or just stop by and visit.

Thanks for visiting and please stop back often as we continue to grow.

Adirondack Folk School
P. O. Box 2
Lake Luzerne, NY  12846

I’ll be there on Saturday July 31st singing and lyin’ for you.  Come early and check this place out,… I have the feeling this is the start of something big!

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Adirondack singer, songwriter, and storyteller
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