The start of a new season,…

It’s a bit past this point today, but it’s still early on in the season.  Up north things aren’t as far along, in terms of the leaves, and that “summer look”, as they are down in the Hudson Valley.  That’s always the way though, my Grandfather used to say, “The woods are slow this year.”  That meant summer wasn’t coming as fast as Grandpa would have liked, when your livelihood depends on getting people up in the mountains for summer vacation, it never does.

There were some signs of it breaking out into summer though. A few blooms pushing hard to get out to an early start, and a few other telltale signs of what’s to come,…

Some old familiar friends seem to have come back for another visit.  Won’t be long before they’ll be followed around by a half dozen little fluff balls,…

And even when the relatives show up on their doorstep from the city, they can still find a place or two for some real peace and quiet,…

Sometimes, it’s just around the bend,…


The secret is, to take time to enjoy the “little things”!  Life can’t make you crazy if you don’t let it!!!!!!

Find someplace where you can breathe, put you feet up, and get ready for the summer of your life!

One of the things I look forward to the most about summer is getting back to my BBQ grill!  Everybody has their favorite grilled delight.  For some it’s just the noble tube steak, or a well grilled burger.  We go the whole gamete  here at the Shaw Ranch, from steaks, and ribs, to trout, and veggies!  This year I’m going to give some of my grilling recipes some “air time” here, along with whatever things I come across that I think might strike your fancy.  The first up will be a tip on seasoning that came from an old friend, Tom LaChapelle, and his son Marc, accomplished chefs, connoisseurs, and founders of the entrepeauneural spice company, Kitchen Kickin’!

I’ve been putting these spice mixes on everything except my coffee!  When I told Tom that earlier he said, “I’ve got Maple Sprinkles that would be good in your coffee!!!!”  You know what, I believe him!  Tom and I go back longer than either of us want’s to admit, back to the days I was just starting to play out in the taverns and pubs in the Capital District.  If we’d known he was going to come up with something this good, we’d have treated him with a little more respect,…aw, no we wouldn’t have!  ; >)

I’m not going to go into all the different varieties of spice mixes he has here, I’m just going to suggest that you go to , and get grillin’!  I’m going to get him to give us a recipe or two here over the grilling season, so stay tuned!!  And remember guys, if you click on the pictures here, they get bigger!!!!!

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1 Response to The start of a new season,…

  1. Jean Coloney says:

    Hi Chris! Hope all is well with you and yours! The guys want to know if you still want to fly fish down here- they are ready when you are! Let me know if anything fits into your schedule!


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