Ah,… summertime!

The meadows approaching Paul Smiths

John and Len solve the problems of the universe

Silas sends one for a ride

Tink goes long for a big one

The boys phone home to Mom

Pat experiences wild blueberry overload

Chet and Rob,… it’s a long story

MB proves once and for all there’s no sport she can’t excell at

Full moon in a buttermilk sky

Tip of the week:

The Cellar Restaurant

Long Lake, NY

Location: Just as you leave town headed for Tupper Lake at the intersection of Rt. 30 and Kickervill Rd.(the road to Cedarlands Boy Scout Camp) on your right.

REAL good food, a surprisingly large and diverse menu, beautifully presented and served with a smile!


Rating: ****

About adkchrisshaw

Adirondack singer, songwriter, and storyteller
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2 Responses to Ah,… summertime!

  1. Bruce Willis (the original) says:

    Hi Chris…Sorry we missed your program at Newcomb this summer. Doubt you remember me but I the one always requesting the “$10 Pup” Had to contact you,our son Maj. Kristian Willis (Kris) a much decorated 20 year military retired vet has just moved to Averill Park. 2064 Rt 43, overlooking Glass Lake. (the first house on the east heading down Rt. 43 A taup colored house with A-frame all glass on south.) If you are in the area stop in and say “Hi!” With him are his wife Sondra and the kids Bailey and Cooper. You are absolutely right about the CELLAR a regular stop for us.

  2. adkchrisshaw says:

    Sure I remember you! Who can forget a guy named Bruce Willis!!!!!??? Glad to hear Kris has moved to town! I’m sure our paths will cross soon at the supermarket or the gas station!
    Don’t know if there will be anymore VIC concerts, they were a victim of the state budget woes, and will be taken over by ESF as of January, 2011. Rynda and all the rest will have lost their jobs, so I have no idea what the future has to hold there. Kepp an eye on the website, (www.chrisandbridget.com) and if anything develops, I’ll post it in the news section.
    Thanks for posting here!!!!!!!!!!!

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