T minus two and counting…

With a little more than two weeks before the boys go back to school, their Dad sits here wondering where the summer went!  It seems like about 3 weeks ago I picked them up from school (I was just six weeks off…), filled the jeep with fishing and camping gear, and headed north for our traditional “School’s Out- Outdoor Adventure”.

We’ve been back and forth to the Adirondacks like we were tied to a yo-yo, fishing and doing shows!

Tink has been training for a Triathalon, Silas has traveled with friends from Maine to Las Vegas!!!!!

All in all it’s been QUITE a summer,…

Two plus weeks left,… but don’t look now!  Uh oh….

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About adkchrisshaw

Adirondack singer, songwriter, and storyteller
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One Response to T minus two and counting…

  1. chet says:

    Great summer. Was a thrill to spend some of it with you. Got the line wet, now gta get that boat in the water.


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