Summer pick for “Best Restaurant”

2128 Doubleday Avenue
Rt. 50, Ballston Spa


OK,… I know what you’re thinking, “This place isn’t in the Adirondacks!”  And you’re right, of course.  But it IS on the way to, and on the way back from your Adirondack adventures.  These folks have the whole package, the food, the service, the ambiance, AND the price!  No small part of choosing this restaurant as the #1 summer pick was owner/chef Kim Klopstock’s penchant for using local ingredients, truly being a “sustainable restauranteur”.  I’ve been to places where that amounts to a culinary trainwreck, but not here!   Cast your eyes on this,…

Chef Randy Cruse plates his work

Owner/Chef Kim Klopstock paying attention to detail...

My advise to you is “Get there, and get there quick!”, it’s a little off the beaten path for the summer Saratoga track scene, but word is getting out and when it does, you’ll be needing reservations a week in advance!  And don’t worry gang, it’s “kid friendly” too, Silas left nothing but a scorched hole where his entree used to be!!!!!!!

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Adirondack singer, songwriter, and storyteller
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